Preparation nanostructured materials by sol–gel crosslinking process in present N, N-dimethyl amino pyridinium ionic liquid as a catalysis

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Tabriz University Chemistry Faculty Organic Chemistry


Silica porous materials with use of the  some of ionic  liquids (ILs) based N, N-dimethyl aminopyridinium cation (DMAP) with high thermal stability was prepared.First according to a proper sol-gel method, various RTILs with anions such as= Br, BF4 as a new kind of recyclable templates in present of trimethoxy  silane (TMOS)  as the sol-gel precursor and deionized water were employed. Then ILs was removed from the silica matrix by calcination method.
The  resulting  gels  were  characterized  by  using  thermogravimetric  analysis,  infrared spectroscopy. The calcined gels were analyzed using scanning electron  microscopy and X-ray  diffraction.  In the continuous, reaction was fallowed under acidic  conditions at temperature above the melting point of the functi onal IL such as; 2–ethoxyethyl-4-(N,N-dimethyl amino) pyridinum tetrafluoroborate with larger hydrophilic polar region in a so-called  nanocasting  sol-gel  technique,  those  silica  nanostructured  materials  with highly ordered monolithic was obtained.


Volume 1, Issue 1 - Serial Number 1
1 February
February 2018
Pages 32-42
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  • First Publish Date: 01 February 2018