Using Of Ozonation Method for Filtertion Of Mineral Water

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In  this  reseach,  two  samples  of  mineral  water  found  in  Northern  Mahabad,  west
Azarbaigan, with hardnesses  of 36, 42 mg/l (CaCO3) are investigated (.Kanisepi South Region,  and  Minerals  of  the  Tutankhach  Village  Northern  Region).  Then,  different amount of Ozone gas is injected into mineral water and biological and chemical changes  are observed.  The used Ozonator can produce 25 mg Ozone per hour. To determine the  amount  of  Ozone  gas.  We  used  iodometry  method.  By  injection  of  1.25  mg/l  we
achieved complete removal of diatomaceae in sample 1 and up to 99 percent in sample  2.  Both  complete  removal  of  chlorophyceae  in  1.1  mg/l  complete  removal  of  BOD 5 sample 1 in 1.1 mg/l Ozone and in sample (2 in 1 mg/l Ozone complete removal).We  had 65 percent reduction of COD by injection of 1.2 mg Ozone for sample 1 and 68 percent for sample 2.Complete disinfection is done  in both samples by injection 0.5 mg per liter.  In this method clean  water is chieved because no  chemical is used and we
don’t need to provide chemicals. So, Ozonation can be introducd as the best method for  filtration of water.  DO: Dissolved Oxygen BOD: Biological Oxygen Demand COD: Chemical Oxygen Demand.


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