Aims and Scope


Aims and scopes

Communicationin Catalysis is an international journal which aims to provide rapid publication of significant and novel research results in catalysis and related subjects.The Commun. Catal. covering general fields of chemistry and engineering and provides a forum for the publication of original research papers, short communication, and critical reviews in allbranches of catalysis including homogeneous, heterogeneous and enzymatic catalysis. The authors could submit original research results in following fields:

Experimental, theoretical, and applied researches related to the catalysis

New trends in heterogeneous and homogenous catalysis

Catalyst and its application in organic/inorganic chemistry, bio-organic and polymer sciences

Preparation and activation of commercial catalysis

Photocatalysis, electrocatalysis andbio-catalysis

Application of catalysts in surface science

Application of nanotechnology in catalysis