Synthesis of Neopenthylglycolesters using homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysts as synthetic lubricant base oils

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pnu university


The  preparation  of  Neopenthylglycol  (NPG)  esters  via  esterification  reaction  of Neopenthylglycol by carboxylic acid in the presence of solid acidic catalysts has been investigated. The used catalysts were natural zeolite, acidic ion exchange resin   catalyst (polyestyren  divinyl  benzensulfated),  synthetic  zeolites  (ZEOKAR-2,  ASHNCH-3), heteropolyacid H4Si (W3O10)4 , and sulfated metal oxide ZrO2 .The reactions were carried out  under  solvent-less  conditions.  It  was  observed  that  sulfated  ZrO2 has  higher reactivity and efficiency among the investigated catalysts. For this purpose esterification of  ethylenglycol,  trimethylolpropan  using  sulfated  ZrO2 by  carboxylic  acids  has  been nvestigated.


Volume 1, Issue 1 - Serial Number 1
1 February
February 2018
Pages 11-19
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